by Trestin Eeling

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All songs written in DADF#AE.
Engineered by Cole Verderber.
Thanks Tom Macaluso for some sweet trombone on Whistlistening
To download for free, visit www.practiceroomrecords.com


released November 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Trestin Eeling Smithtown, New York

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Track Name: Strawberry Talk
I've been letting that dark creep up the sides of my eyes and
Letting it spiral into itself, cluttering my talking-rhythming
I've been trying any sweet taste-test, testing almost everything
Orange juice, a get-me-lost, costs a sense of 'I know anything'
Oh no matter what, never ever ever forget 'at this moment I feel as if...'
Good old friend, my reflected self, said confident, as if there wasn't any end
"Oh no, this moment never ends"
I've been letting that dark creep up the sides of my eyes and
Letting it spiral into itself, frustrating my strawberry talk
"Know this moment never ends, know this moment never ends
Know from now on, you're not you, you never have been"
Track Name: Sweet Talk Taste Test
It's getting dark
I wish your melony talk well
And to see the world outside this cardboard door
You built then forgot you did
I'd regret it if "if" existed
No mirror life lives, just you
Everyone else is red, seeded, and fleeting
Have I been talking like them all?
Yeah do I have chapstick on?
Ready to sweet talk anyone

And in this mess of darkness
I've got hope for a lioness animal
Track Name: Posedriplose
Now it's pitch black

For a while now, you've been moving fast
Not letting notes play out
Not letting songs stretch out
Not letting friends in
Letting anybody in


I drew a mural on my wall
Across from all the others, this one stood out beautiful
It's a watermelon in a sea of strawberries
Though it isn't finish, red just skewed and screwed that green
Now I don't care about you
I mean where have you been?
And who have you been?
And will this be a dream?
Will this be a dream I had?
I hope to blink right back to bed
My shared-mind shower daydreamin'

So time to time I close my eyes
All the while I should be trying
Stretching spirals into sin curves
And something into smiles
What's that something else?
Some nothing/symbol/posedriplose/whatever's troubling you

It's too dark so I add any sweet taste
Now I don't have no posedriplose anymore
But it's still pitch black

Conquering dark doesn't turn on the light
It just makes you go blind when it gets bright
Track Name: Already No Everything
Well it's been too long songs
Cooped up his whole life
A paragon parrot in a cage
Notices the door has been lockpicked
By some funky little fungus
So he looks outside
But there's nowhere to go
No, no, I mean
All he sees is "there's nowhere to go"
And I'm gazing at the same exact scene
But I'm not waiting for that something coming
I already see everything there is

Well it's been open now
Extremely stressful weeks
Without the limbs himself
He goes in search of a being with opposable thumbs
And everyone is always singing
"Remedies in melodies"
But fluid words won't shut the door
And so he keeps on silently
And I'm faced up against the same troubling scene
But I'm not searching for that "you there lock it up"
No I believe there is no saving me
Just switching my focus off the open door
And so I keep on feeling, whistlistening, oh anything I can do
To keep my focus off the open door
Track Name: Giraffic Jam
Don't be mad your animal is now myconic animal
Don't be sad your animal is now myconic animal, animal
Track Name: Whistlistening
Keeping up with your talking-rhythming
Strawberry talk is easy listening
But I'm investing all my interest in
Something hindsight might say
"It was my wasting id"

But I keep on whistlistening

Now I don't know if it's true
I mean, I've been screwing up truth
(is) it (is) intrinsic (?) or just skewed
And all of these beautiful quirks
Turns out I gave them to you (?)

Someone someday maybe will be intrinsically anything
Maybe someday someone will be intrinsically good

So I keep on whistlistening
Track Name: The Never One Everyone
Who have you been lately?
"I was letting the dark creep up the sides of my eyes last week"
Who have you been lately?
"I was crawling around just being a mouse
Nobody knew if I'd end up human
This week I'm a doctor and I operate on myself every day"

Who have you been lately?
"Ex-spiraling in whatever is next
Everywhere directioning"
Who have you been lately?
"Aspiring in becoming a mouse
Silly me, you're already human"
This week you're a libra and avoiding it every day

Can you, or me, or anyone, find a way to fight away the change?

"Who have you been lately?"
I finally found the courage to ask
Who have I been lately?
This week, oh I hope we're still aware of our changing ways
Track Name: Humble Bee
I'm a humble bee, bumbly leading my sudden sister into a flooded flower bed
There's pretty looking tulips there
But they're drowning now
And I'm the only one who knows
I'm not gonna tell her

I'm a humble bee, bumbly bleeding in my awkward introversion
An intro into perversion preferring not to finish my--
Or preferring not to start
But I always end up starting everything

I've made this claim before
I'm not talking anymore
Everyone is never one
But it's fun to see what we become
I could be a doctor for a week
Or a corny AABBCC rhyme scheme
Track Name: The Always Coming Aftermoment
I never want to leave the water hitting our heads
And the back of our necks
And this flex the nerve away to stay unshakey
Shake the sound around swelling make it blend in
End in 3 2 1 end in 3 2 1 end in 3 2 1
Keep on counting I can't bring my self to
Keep on counting maybe soon I'll shut the shower down

And this strawberry talk is turning me dumbfounded
While I'm traveling through ground clouds
In a buddy bubble but it's okay
Maybe I should paint a paper plate
To heal my headache and remember
I'm in love (lust?) with an upstate scene
And I forget about the 'ew' in 'we'

So wish away the well so we'll just will ourselves out
If we've no control it's easier to leave
There's no "just one more minute in here"

So never want to leave the water hitting our heads
And the back of our necks
And this flex the nerve away to stay unshakey
Shake the sound around swelling make it blend in

No, the moment ends!

Well I was wrong and it's okay
I just miss your melony talk
I'm sorry I never sang you your song
Or maybe I did and you were asleep
When the moment ends
I'll start singing those melony words again
Hopefully you'll be awake for them

Well I was wrong and it's okay
I just miss your melony talk
I'm sorry I never finished your drawing
But it's still on my wall and I've got paint
We can finish what should've came next but the moment sustained

So end in 3 2 1