Silentongue Syllables

from by Trestin Eeling



I get so scared when the second hand’s moving too fast
And the silence is louder than I’ve ever heard
Everyone is drunk saying “I love you I love you I love you”
And here I am sitting silent and sober

I get so tired carrying these three words on my tongue
And they all have a dumpster to toss them in
Me, I’ve thrown away ABCD_FGH_JK_MN_PQRST__WX_Z
Scared, when the clock ticks, will I ever say anything?

So I down some beers and get my voice back
And I… uh…
Where’s my “I love you”s?
Where’s my “I love you”s?
This sucks


from Penny & Anyone, Forever, released April 19, 2015
Robyn Schmitz on vocals



all rights reserved


Trestin Eeling Smithtown, New York

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