Don’t get so close
Know my knows aren’t spoken
They’re soulful but spineless
My time isn’t binding
To misses or misters
But distance is bliss
There’s a blister to itch
And a niche I have missed

Staying in some silent lips ain’t the same
But it’s not me
No it’s not me, no it’s not me
No it’s the way my watermelon wasn’t taken
Now it’s rotten on my chest

And don’t run so much
Know I don’t have a sole now
It tore at the pavement
The paint, well it ain’t safe yet
It must be oil based
What a waste the wait to dry
Running complicated drills
While my feet are hurting, still

And no, it’s all I know
It’s all I know
No it’s the way my watermelon rotted up
I need some one to clear it off

The weight of the stage
And the “stay please” pleaded
Didn’t it dim with limbs and their limitless simpleness?
Stake out the one, wandering simpleton
Singing sinking love in is the simplest thing
And it’s sweet
And it is good
And my new seed
It’s sprouting buds
And it grows
Now I’ve got to give my fruit or it’ll spoil
And it’s got to be to you


from Penny & Anyone, Forever, released April 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Trestin Eeling Smithtown, New York

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